Seattle Birth Photographers is a partnership between Emily Weaver Brown and Jessica Peterson, two photographers, two mothers, and two birth fanatics.

Midwives and doctors often work in teams to back each other up, provide support, and to help keep each other sharp. Emily and Jessica think that birth photographers, who work in a world with crazy hours and major unpredictability, should do the same.

As women and photographers, Emily and Jessica strongly believe in the power of birth and the value of birth photography, so much so that they’ve even photographed each other’s births! Having those images of your birth journey and your child’s first moments captured in a beautiful, sensitive way will allow you to relive the joy and transformation of your birth all over again for years to come. Can you imagine being able to show your son or daughter the happy tears you shed on his or her arrival? Emily and Jessica can help you do just that.

Take a look through the featured galleries and hop on over to each photographer’s portfolio site. Then use the contact form above to get a conversation started about how Seattle Birth Photographers can help you preserve one of the most powerful, emotional, and fleeting days of your life.

Emily's portrait site can be viewed here www.emilyweaverbrownphoto.com

and Jessica's can be viewed here www.onetreephotography.com