The Details

The birth of a child is one of the most significant and beautiful events in life it is no surprise that more and more families are turning to professionals to help them document it. Birth is a journey, the process of becoming a mother and a father will change you forever and it’s worth documenting!

What to Expect

When we photograph a birth we try to remain as inconspicuous as possible. It is important to us to document your labor and birth as though we are not even in the room. We use natural or available ambient light whenever possible. Jessica and Emily shoot with top of the line professional digital equipment, which allows us to work in very low light situations, however, statistically speaking most births happen at night so sometimes it is necessary to use flash to capture key moments. Your safety and comfort will always be the top priority.

Our client’s wishes about what is captured and documented are always top priority. If a client prefers not to have some things documented or has special request we will do our best to accommodate.

After your baby is born your photographer will stick around to capture your first moments with your child. We aim to document the first feeding, the weigh in, and meeting any siblings or grandparents. If there are any other special requests please do not hesitate to mention them.

In the event of an unplanned c-section, we may or may not be allowed to accompany you into the OR. The anesthesiologist sets the policy for the OR and usually only one or at most two support persons are allowed in with you. If your photographer is not chosen to accompany you, your photographer will pass off a backup DSLR camera set on auto to one of the persons accompanying you in the OR. Those images will then be proofed along with everything captured so that there will not be any gaps in the story line.

Because birth photography is extremely personal and private Seattle Birth Photographers always allow my clients to review the images included in their slideshow and album before they are made public or printed. The images from your birth will only be shared with your expressed permission if you choose to share them at all.

Our approach to birth photography is a photojournalistic with the end goal of providing you with a story told through photographs. These stories are artfully arranged in a slideshow and set to music. Please click on the portfolio link to view some sample sessions.